Home Gym Equipments Reviews

Home Gym Equipments Reviews

Since you are already here reading this, we don’t need to tell you how important it is to stay fit and healthy. But let us take this opportunity to congratulate you on making the great choice of visiting this page because we are going to enable you to find the perfect solution for your home gym requirements.

When it comes to home gym equipment, there is no one solution that is perfect for everyone. The best home gym equipment for you will be one that suits your fitness goals. That is why it is crucial that you first evaluate your goals and then look for your perfect home gym solution.

At Home Gym Equipments, we offer you a wide range of gym equipment for home use. These equipments have been chosen through a rigorous selection based on a combination of expert recommendations as well as customer reviews.

How to Choose

  • Decide the kinds of exercises you want to use in your workout plan
  • How much space available in the home for the equipment.
  • How much is the budget for the equipment
  • Read a number of product reviews written by both real users and experts

Where to buy

  • You can save your hard earned money at least 10% if you buy it online.
  • You can easily get the best offer. Pick the most trustworthy and authoritative supplier.

Bowflex Classic Home Gym Review

Bowflex Classic Home Gym Review

The Bowflex Classic model is a true value addition to the Bowflex splendid range of home gym equipment. With the wide variety of exercises this gym offers with the Bowflex trademark technology, you can create a perfect full body workout.

Salient Features

Some of the great features of this classic Bowflex model are discussed here.

  • 210 lbs Standard Resistance Powered by Bowflex Power Rod Technology: Like most other pricier Bowflex home gym models, Bowflex Classic offers the same great Power Rod technology for a smoother workout and to avoid the risk of joint pain that free weights are associated with.
  • Lat Tower: This is a great machine for building back and shoulder muscles with the Lat tower integration.
  • Cardio Worout Option: The machine provides ample calorie burning cardio workout options with in-built rowing machine, cardio warm up and cool down.
  • Compact Size with Folding Unit: This home gym can be conveniently put away by folding it to a compact size.


Bowflex Classic is indeed a classic model in the Bowflex range with the following important benefits to offer.

  1. The machine despite its smaller size and lower price range, offers over 30 exercises to build an effective workout regimen.
  2. It has a compact size and hence can also be opted for by those facing a scarcity of space in their home.
  3. The foldable unit makes it even better for use in smaller spaces
  4. The price is quite affordable and will be great for many beginner home exercisers with a budget to watch out for.


While Bowflex Classic is a great choice for those just beginning or experimenting with home work outs, it may also pose certain drawbacks when the exercisers want to move to the next workout level with this machine.

  1. At 210 lbs, the resistance may prove to be not the best option for building muscle.
  2. when beginning resistance trainers will grow out the standard resistance range, they will not have any up-gradation option .
  3. Coinciding with its size and price, it offers 30 exercises, which you may  have to work around.

Great Pick for People Who:

  • Just starting out with a low priced, smaller home gym to explore home workouts.
  • Wanting to initially only invest relatively lower in terms of a home gym price to see their commitment level
  • Light exercisers

Those with lesser space to dedicate for a home gym .

3 Reasons You Might Not Be Able To Lose Weight

It’s the same story for women like you all over the United States — no matter what diet you try, and how much exercise you do every day, you just can’t lose weight. People around you might insist that you just don’t “want it enough” or you just haven’t tried the right diet yet, but there are other explanations for those pounds that just won’t budge. If you’re frustrated by the stock-still numbers on the scale and can’t figure out why you’re not losing weight, then here are a few conditions to ask your doctor about.

It’s Your Ovaries

For a condition that affects over 116 million women across the globe, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome isn’t near as well known as it should be. PCOS is thought to be both genetic and environmental in cause and usually presents with menstrual irregularities, infertility, acne, over-productive hair follicles, and, yes, the gaining of and inability to lose weight.

PCOS doesn’t have a full-blown cure, but it is manageable with help from a doctor. Often, the problems with your weight can be helped by getting your menstrual cycle back on track, which enables your body to start functioning semi-normally again.

It’s Your Thyroid

When your thyroid stops giving you the hormones you need, your metabolism slows down and you start gaining weight — in other words, the problem isn’t your work ethic, it’s your hormones. Symptoms of hypothyroidism include weight gain/inability to lose weight, insomnia, depression, irregular menstrual cycles, and dry skin, among many, many others.

When you go to your next checkup, ask to have your thyroid checked. If your numbers come back ‘normal’ but you’re a textbook case of hypothyroidism, don’t give up. Many people are sub-clinical for years before they actually get the help they deserve. Once your hormones start being regulated through thyroid supplements, you should find you have more energy and sleep better — and you can lose weight again.

It’s Your Brain

Clinical anxiety problems and clinical depression — two sides of the same awful coin — could be doing more than impacting your relationships and making you unable to sleep — they might be preventing you from losing weight as well. When your body is constantly stressed, as it is with anxiety and depression, your brain sends it signals to produce high levels of cortisol, which makes your body store fat.

While there’s no “cure” for anxiety or depression, it can be managed with anti-anxiety or anti-depressants, and sessions with a licensed psychologist can help as well. Once you’re under less stress, your body will be more inclined to help you lose weight.

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